Our Clydesdales's


Squirt is our "miracle child"..She was born the smaller of twin sisters..The breeders at "Goodell's Clydesdales"pulled off wonders with her,but unfortunately did not manage to save the older twin ..As you can see 'Squirtle' was one small sorry child when she was born and they fought extra hard to keep her alive..Ancient history as now she is nearing 7 years old.She stands 16.2hh and currently weighs in at 1150lbs so is very much bigger than we expected her to get.Always the one with that little bit extra "Clydesdale"attitude.Squirtle's a wonderful girl,she was our very first Clydesdale here at D'Archangel Farm.She is doing wonders under saddle and is very happy when you ask her to work a little..Sue rides her with two Bob Marshall saddles.One endurance and one western treeless.

Pictures from a nice sunny day Spring 06


Pippin is Squirts junior at two years younger (5 years old)..He is a wonderfully sweet gelding who now stands at a HUGE 17.2hh (For his age!!) and weighs in at approx 1250 lbs..Hes just as demanding of attention as his big sister and will follow you all around wondering what you are doing....We started training Pippin under saddle this year and he really seems interested in the concept.Not really worried at all!!..As you can see below he is "modelling" a Bob Marshall Barrel Racer.We use these treeless saddles for their superb fit on the drafts as they enable you to switch from horse to horse without worries..It's light weight also means that you can introduce the saddles to young horses without the fear of too much strain on their backs.

Pippin is also a sucker for "Scratchies" as you can see....

He also has a soft spot for our Little Icelandic girl Kola.


"Gilly" was our last addition to our Clydesdale line from Goodell's Clydes..She is close to 4 year old.At the moment she stands 17.1hh and approx 1200 lbs..She is real sweet (As Clydes usually are!!) and we think she will be a very big girl..As you can see above..She TOWERED over Sue now!!..And these pictures Above are as long yearling

At 2 years old with friend Eowyn.

A strapping girl at 4 years old.Warming to the dawn sun.


"Pipers page"

"Piper" was (For those of you who don't know us) was a very sweet stud colt that we bought from Goodall's Clydesdales in Iowa.He grew up to be a sweet and well balanced Stallion.Sadly we had no need for a Clyde stud so we sold him to a good home.. Click and have a look and see how Johanna and Piper are doing in the Carolina's on "Pipers Page"