A trip to Ohio Equine Affaire®,April 2006

April 8th...We rose early and fed everyone here on D'Archangel Farm so that we could make the five hour drive through to Columbus Ohio for the 2006 Equine Affaire.We knew we could only stay a few hours but we wanted to make the trip through to show our support for our friends at Old Mill Farm and Northstar Farm who had their horses on display..Heres the story of our outing..



Early Rise..

                    A Gentle giant for sure

Its a hard thing to do...leaving all our guys and girls to fend for themselves...But we crawled out of bed at about 5 am to go and feed them all for the day ahead..All the horses are used to our excursions but the Icelandics thought it was new and different to have breakfast in the dark..

After a LONG five hours or so..We finally got to Columbus,Ohio,and after hunting the town for somewhere to buy floppy disks for the camera.(Bad memory comes with age!!) we headed into the vast showgrounds.It was a wonderfully sunny day but so bitterly cold with a wind that would cut right through you...The smell of the food booths mixed with that of the horses to give it quite the wonderful circus type atmosphere..

We studied the (not so great)map provided and tried to look up our friends at

"Old Mill Farm"

in their booths with the Gypsies and Drums..

                    Theres the boy

We found Old Mill fairly easily..Poor Vonnie and Rhonda huddling in the aisle trying to keep a little bit warm and Daniel brushing down Gypsy Stallion "Slainte" for the upcoming exhibition.(And probably to keep the blood circulating in the cold).We talked for a little while and then went into see Drum Horse stallion (background picture and sire to our Drum foals)"Chew Mill Guinness".He was tired,so when we got there he was lying in his stall taking a nap.Sue jumped straight in with him and kissed him on the nose..Seeing the chance for a bit of attention (Along as one of Sue's home made Oatmeal cookies)the big gentle guy got to his feet and stretched..He stood nicely while Sue and Vonnie talked over whats happened in the past while and caught up on how everyone has been..Meanwhile time was passing and everyone had to get ready for the show..Then we also got to meet the "new boy".Cobalt

                    A unicorn in the making.

Cobalt is quite the new lad at Old Mill but was already showing his sweet temperement by being calm and friendly with us strangers..He was all set for his FIRST public Exhibition..Along with "Cobalt" went "Slainte"..2005 Ohio Gypsy Vanner Horse Champion stallion,Vonnie and Daniel took them out in the sunshine and with a few finishing touches..Went into the ring..

Last minute touch.

Both of these young stallions behaved well..So many distractions were about and they didn't skip a beat."Slainte" being the old hand at it trooped around the arena for Daniel smoothly and effortlessly.

Waiting for the word.

While "Cobalt" marvelled at the new things he could see he didn't worry too much.While many of the other horses in the arena balked and spooked.bucked and kicked.....These boys were calm as can be.A great bit of publicity for Old Mills horses.A credit to all concerned...

Showing Ohio.



After the Gypsies and Drums left we had a showing from the wonderful Iclandic horses.

Leading the field.

Many horses being from the famed trainer Gudmar Petursson's stable these "performers" were mostly ridden by "regular" owners and children.(Being not professionals).We saw them all through their smooth gaits and even though their feet were a blur the riders and "steeds" were all comfortable and fresh after their exhibit.

                    Gudmar Petursson

Everyone (including the horses) seemed to have smiles on their faces and this "Work" in the arena seemed to be a little bit of fun....

Out of the arena.

After the show we found a few more of the "Icey" people to speak with...A nice chap stood beside me and asked about them so (without commision of course!!)I told him why WE liked these little powerhouses so much..I hope someday he will heed my words and take some time to visit some of these horses.."The oldest pure breed in the world".....

                    Showing off nice color and an interesting Icelandic saddle

Time was getting on a bit so after saying goodbye to everyone we had to make tracks..We did want to see SOME of the exhibits after all..We walked through the hall eyeing up some neat horse tack and models and all sorts of other goodies..Sadly we succumbed to temptation and haggled with one of the vendors on a nice Ascot "Icelandic" saddle for our future "tolts"..(Well...You can't leave a place like this empty handed after all..And it WAS cheaper than a horse..!!).

One of the many tack stalls we came across really did make us smile though..In among all of these serious looking vendors was this wonderful gem in these pictures below.A nice guy taking the time to show this little lass how to "rope her cow"...

She caught her "bull" but I think she cheated a little and walked over to him....

We did also try to see our Fell boys older sibling but after walking all the way to the furthest display arena...His owner had taken him back to the stalls because she said he was tired.So no pictures of Stonecreek Magic Minstrel..We had really wanted to see what our Prince would be like when he was older...

*Sigh* ..

Oh well......


Overall it was a wonderful day with wonderful friendly people. We have to thank Vonnie & Daniel Lepley and Rhonda & Fred Zeigler of Old Mill Farm for putting up with us,and taking the time to talk to us.We loved to be able to fuss with your guys and keep your company for a little while before running home to dish out supper to our horses here in Indiana.

It was a pleasure to "play" with all three Breeds...GYPSIES..DRUMS..and ICEYS

Shame of the day apart from never having enough time..Was meeting up with one of Ohio's finest State troopers on the way back....


66 in a 55mph zone

.After gladly reminding me of the limit he sent us on our way with a smile...We were caught fair and square..
Hugging our guys when we got home made it all better though...

A great day!!

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