Our days at the Ohio Equine Affaire®,April 2007

Wednesday,April 11th...With the usual early rise we looked out of the window and was horrified to see a raging blizzard in progress...Some start to the five hour drive through to Columbus Ohio for the Equine Affaire.We had been planning our exhibit for months and were not going to be held back now..We had already booked two stalls so nothing was stopping us..Heres the story of our outing..



A Snowy start to it all..

                    Not the best of weather..

After packing everything for weeks before hand we certainly did appreciate forward planning this time.We woke to an AWFUL day with winds and snow and all sorts of places closing their doors for a very bad winter storm.After crawling through the first 30 miles or so it started to improve a little but we were soon to realise that the weather was to be the bane of our existence over the next few days.between the cold and the rain and the storms.It was quite the miserable existence at the show.


After about four tiring hours or so we pulled in to the Ohio farm we had our guys boarded at to pick up our three horses that were scheduled to be in the farm exhibit area in the show ..Our choice was near perfect as all three were very well behaved for their first ever show.

Our Double Licenced Fell Pony Stallion "Stonecreek Black Prince"

and our two Icelandic Fillies..

"Brynja" and "Draumsyn".


All set up

We found the Exhibition easily...We made it there and got ourselves set up for the upcoming exhibition.(And kept moving to keep the blood circulating in the cold).We worked setting everything up for a little while and got out and "met the neighbors"

"Farley".(Click here for more pictures).Was an awesome big warmblood gelding who was stalled next door and he was a sweetheart..His owner "Karen" is a certified professional sidesaddle trainer and Farley was a "model" horse..He behaved perfectly over the whole time we were there..

Fell Pony Breed Pavilion Display.

One of the first "duties" we had was to get Prince organized and off to the Breed pavilion..He was to represent a Fell pony and show the American public just what "charmers" Fells can be.

Our boy Prince with Shannon from Stonecreek.

The Fell pony booth was quite the popular stop for many people,young and old and all of the Fells did their best to impress.Prince took it all in good grace ....even when people were often asking if he was a little baby Friesian...*sigh*

Spoiler to the show...Its a shame about the brat child who decide to play roughly with Princes nose and slapped him when Prince snipped at the offending fingers.You know who you are .You were seen and I would have done more than snip your fingers if I had caught you..Kid...Grrrr!!..

More demo's.

We did have one funny moment with the actual breed Demo...Our Prince was a model Stallion and did everything we asked of him.."Thornbeck Jade" did however steal the show a little though with this little display...Although I don't think her owner Kimber was too impressed..

After the demo's we settled into the farm display and watching all the horses out practicing for the various displays and exhibits..

Our new friend Farley was doing his stuff in the practice ring as well as one of the showstopping teams of Belgians showing what they could do.


Meeting the Drill Team.

The tale involving "Bandit" is a long story but really does have a happy ending.He survived cancer because of an experimental drug from a Canadian lab.So we thought it fitting to introduce bandit to the Famous Canadian Cowgirls Drill team and take some pictures to say a simple Thank you to those people who gave Bandit his health back..

Hes is a very sweet boy and deserved his life back.....


Pfizer Fantasia.


That night we did manage to take in the Pfizer Fantasia.

Quite the stunning show.

As is usual the show started with the anthem which of course was sung from horseback.There was even quite the celebrity as the flagbearer was the singer Sheryl Crowe's very pretty paint mare

                    Take a break

The event was a little more "informal" than years we have seen before and that really did seem to improve it no end.There was a nicly done show that had many people having fun with their horses.(Which is really what counts!).There were horses that could do tricks.And even played tricks on their trainer to add to the fun.


There were quite a few highlights to the show (As well as some very strange sections...!!).but as soon as we saw the talent in a young family from Texas we were amazed."The Keisner Family Wild West Revue".Never again will you see a mom,dad and the two kids like this...A superb display of "wild western" talents including shooting out targets from a galloping horse and stunning roping tricks and just sheer skill and courage..

...then when the youngest lad started roman riding his two Shetland's..It was a standing ovation.And trust me...These Shetlands were NOT your "dowdy" little cute ponies everyone pictures when you talk of the breed...they were very speedy and quite the showstealers.

There was a neat but little more staid display from the wagons and horses that helped "colonize" the west...

After which the show produced a variety of great horses and riders..Texas Thunder made an appearance with their HUGE Percheron's.An impressive six horse hitch display.Sadly I got most of that display on Video without still pictures but as you can see here...they made a return to center stage later...


If you ever think that Drafts are a little boring and quiet...think again..

When one of the entertainers couldn't make the show for a later slot..The head trainer with Texas Thunder did an impromptu show with four of their hitch.Something he does in his spare time for fun and I can tell you that it was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.There was NOTHING holding those four horses together except for good training and trust.Amazing.!!!


For the next few days the weather was fairly cruel.We had the full range from snow and storms to sunshine and sadly it did dampen the enthusiasm a lot for visitor and exhibitor alike.But it was really nice to be able to introduce our horses to interested people and take the time to show how nice both the Icelandics and Fells are.


"Slainte" put in a photo call from our friends at Old Mill Farm and as usual was a nice quiet gentleman who just stood calmly to pose for pictures.


Karen and "Farley" meanwhile gave our friend Tanya some tips.A very nice big boy to have a ride on.



And for some..It was just all too much......

*Sigh* ..

All good things come to an end though and as much as the weather really put a "damper" on things it was a very interesting experience..We got to make new friends and meet many people who had a common love of horses.Sadly we did end up leaving a bit earlier than planned as Sue had some trouble with her eye and we had to head for the emergency room..Not serious as it turned out but better to be safe than sorry.We felt sad that we had to go and miss all those who came to the show on Sunday but we were sure that anyone would have understood..


Being typical of the way of things...We drove back in the type of weather we prayed for during the show...nature really made fun at our expense this year.From blizzards to beautiful sunshine.Well we can only hope for next year...



Our thanks go out to everyone who stopped by to see us duing our time at the show..Even though the conditions were fairly awful we did have a great time talking to you all.We hope that you had a good time with all the exhibits and displays and we really hope to see at least some of you next year.Especially if the weather co-operates a little more... .


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