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Stonecreek Black Prince....FP70644C*,FP457

"Stonecreek Black Prince".was born 5/6/05 and came here October..2005

                    Dam "Glory" with "Prince"                                                                         With Sire "Magic Minstrel"

Quite the shock for the poor little guy coming from sunny Texas to cold and snowy Northern Indiana at that time of the year but hes quite the resiliant guy...I think it has given him a pure hatred of damp wet weather but hopefully he will get used to it over time..


Our "Black Prince"...Pictures taken on a cold and breezy February day....Prince is about 8 1/2 months old here and is coming along fine.The little guy has a HUGE personality and attitude but is very,very sweet with it.Truely larger than life!!..Sadly he is still muddy from going through this awful northern winter in these images so not too great a season for pictures but we are looking to Spring and being able to clean up all our guys and girls.Soon it will be summer......

"Prince"...at close to 1 year old is still a nice little guy albeit quite intense.He works his ground work expertly and his action is superb..When he trots he looks like a carousel pony.Not a pony for the faint hearted though.. He has been moved "next door" to our Clyde girls and doesn't let them worry him in the slightest..In fact I would say he would happily run with them in their games.Soon it will be summer and we can start him with some more tricks.....


Spring is finally "sprung" so Prince gets in the mood for playtime...

If ever there was an advertisement for the horse "Jolly Ball" toys...He would be the star.....He is a wonder and literally "dances" round his toy..


May 07..
Prince had a great debut at the Columbus Equine Affaire this past month..

For a young stallion he was a model boy and really behaved well.The (way too short) appearance in the Breed Demo went well and the crowds and attention did not phase him at all...

Pictured here with Shannon from "Stonecreek" farm in Texas

Prince now joins the 25 other registered stallions in the USA as he has now been licenced as a stallion with the British Fell Pony Society - FP70644C*,FP457 - .We plan to take him to many more shows in the future.He was a perfect ambassador for the Fell breed..

Now Prince has a more "active" life playing with our young Icelandic stallion "Tofri" and he is really getting into shape...



Latest update...October 08..
Now we have escaped the awful downfalls of being stuck in Ohio..Prince is coming along nicely
He is now running with his good buddy Balian who is our newest Fell Stallion..

We have now joined (and look to help promote..)the "Fell Pony Society and Concervancy of the America's so we hope to use Prince,and indeed Balian to help promote this rare breed..

As the saying goes....."Watch this space"



Stonecreek Zaira....

"Stonecreek Zorra" Or "Zaira".was born 2/21/07

Our newest addition to our batch of rare steeds is "Stonecreek Zorra".Pictured below in Texas running with her dam,Llancloudy Alyssum (or Aly for short..) she is growing fast and looks to be quite the pretty lass...

Playing with mom,Aly

Zaira's sire is "Ralfland Ranger" and she is a niece to the great "Orton Hall Danny" who is pictured on our Fell Pony page...

Now that Zaira's came home here to Southern Indiana she is turning round a great deal..We couldn't risk taking her to the farm we land leased,in Ohio as there was quite the concern for our horses safety there.Especially from the breeder who ran that farm... However now we have moved we decided she was safe to bring here...She did lose a bit of weight on the week long trip and the change of enviroment but she is recovering it slowly now..A very slight built girl and now she is coming round to be very sweet and snuggly natured...


Dream Hayven Balian....

"Balian" was Born June 22nd, 2007

Latest rare steed to be brought in soon will be another sturdy colt from Dreamhayven Farm.He is called "Dream Hayven Balian".Coming from Wisconsin he was quite the sturdy boy and is very taken with Sue..

Pictured with mom

Balians parents are the stunning Lunesdale Mercury x Corrennie Afton (S. Midtown Jasper)...

New pictures taken October 15th show what A fine boy he's become..Sue has all sorts of snuggly names for him already that would be sure to embarress a Stallion!!..

Here with good buddy Prince.

Already showing signs of his future color.


Some pictures on this page under Copyright used with kind permission of "Stone Creek Farm" and "Dream Hayven Farm"