Our Girl's


Kay is our oldest mare here so a good one to introduce first..Now over 7 years old..She is a Belgian but was from an full American Belgian stallion who was bred to a European style mare.She is 15.3hh and approx 1670lbs. She was bred 2003 to Old Mill Farm's imported Stallion "Chewmill Guinness" and in spring 2004 gave us Eowyn our beautiful tri-color filly,(See below).A very sweet mare who loves all the attention she can get.We can now look forward to continue her riding training (After our last year of hell in Ohio) as she seems quite happy and content ruling her herd at the new farm here in Indiana..


After a heavy downpour Kay decides that a few mouthfuls of Maple leaves are worth another "cold shower" or two..


Kayleigh's Daughter......

Eowyn...Tri-Color Draft Mare

                    Eowyn..Newborn                                                                                             Sire- Chewmill Guinness

Eowyn was born Spring 2004 .. Her Sire is the first true Drum Horse to be Imported here into the United States .The Stallion Chewmill Guinness from Old Mill Farm in PA. Son of the Famed Galway Warrior who was part of the Royal Stud at Windsor. Warrior was once owned by Her Majesty The Queen and performed the duties of a drum horse in Royal Processions

At the time Eowyn was born.She was the only filly from Chewmill Guinness in the USA outside of Old Mill Farm.As far as we know..She is still one of only four fillies from him here in the USA.Her sweet calm nature was plain to see from day one.Eowyn trusted us entirely very early on..She is so sweet,solidly built and calm and if she reaches the military standard 16hh she will be the perfect example of a Traditional Drum Horse.She should be a wonderful example of her heritage.Eowyn is now a strapping 4 year old and stands about 16hh and weighs in at a nice rounded 1100lbs.Calm as can be and solid as a rock..Considering her background,if she was another continent apart she would be just right for a carrier of the HUGE Kettle drums...We have started working with Eowyn for riding but nothing too heavy for her young age...She is fine with all the tack and looks quite stunning tacked up with our lightweight Bob Marshall saddles.Sue (A lightweight 90lbs)has began to sit her weight on her since she was two years old and she is doing fine..Now she is older we can finally start her under saddle for real.

See how she has grown in the picture's below..

Below - Eowyn pictured with Sue and her good friend Gilly on October 15th 2005...Going well with training and as sweet and loving as ever..Solid but also quite athletic when she wants to be..Unflappable but fun..

If your hands are full...Any port in a storm!!!!

"Unbroke" without a saddle.!!!!



Pearl is our number one mother.We believe she is now about 8 years old.(According to our vet).Her sire was an Imported English shire and Dam,an American paint mare.She is also 15.2hh and approx 1250lbs.Like Kay she was to "Chewmill Guinness" and in 2004 gave us Faramir our lovely stallion prospect..She was rebred to the same stallion for a 2005 foal and had our Wonderful "Arwen".Pearl is a quiet lass as we believe she had a bad start in life but even though she is quite shy but once she knows you really warms up to you.

Pearl was originally advertised by a GCDHA breeder as a "Gypsy vanner" but truth be known is a Shire/Paint cross with "Fox Valley" lines.She is a wonderful quiet broodmare who throws healthy,stocky, foals.Two of her foals have been tricolor tobiano's,and all three of her foals have been very similar in color and temperament.
(For two of them see Faramir and Arwen).
Pearl was bred again for a 2008 foal and now we have "Arya"..See below.. ((Thank our lucky stars we didn't give her away and leave her behind. !!!!))



Pearl gives us another treasure......

Our number one mother has another wonderful girl.."Arya" was born on May 31st of 2008.Since our initial boarding experience in Ohio turned out to be a nightmare of abuse we whisked Pearl off and boarded her safely elsewhere for her and the babies sake.At 8:30am she had our little girl..Healthy and sturdy as could be..

Arya has turned out to be one of the sweetest foals we have ever met..She is playful and mischievious but so sweet it will curl your toes...She is VERY big for a young one at 11.2hands at 5 weeks as well as 300lbs.

Watch this space......

October 15th..2008 Arya has Grown and GROWN ..She is close to 13 hands at 4 1/2 months old.. as well as being a mighty 500lbs.She is a lovable menace and she knows it..She has grown so fast that we did have quite the worry with mom Pearl losing weight as she was feeding Arya so much..But coming into the cool fall days she is starting to look again and gain the extra pounds she needed..!!