About us

Susan,Brian & Norm...


Ladies First...

Susan is a true American Girl with Scottish and Irish ancestry.She has many,many years of horses in her blood and experience in many different breeds over the years has led to ....Well.. thinking a little differently...That means as soon as you see a "Draft" you don't always have to reach for a harness!!..Our Clydesdales and Drum horses will be taught to ride foremost and then to drive...In fact ...One of her fondest memories of the "Pony Express Riders" group back in the eighties,Sue can remember seeing a local farm kid having a great time.His family didn't have "riding" horses but being a farm boy he knew what to do...he had a time "barrel racing" a young Belgian mare at one of the fun day events...The Earth shook that day I'll bet...!! He didn't win any ribbons...but he sure had FUN!!!..... Sue has learned "all out" western through the years and doesn't see why Drafts cannot do as much as other breeds!!! They make wonderful all-rounders,(just a little bigger and slower!). She is now masterminding our divergance into the world of the great Icelandic horses..So.. Watch this space as things develop..


Now Brian...

Brian was born in the little country of Wales (A Small part of the United Kingdom) and raised in Scotland..(hence both of our fascination's for Scottish Clydes!!)..A relative newcomer to the USA and to the wonderful world of horses, he very much favours the sweet,soft calmness of the draft breeds and is quite attached to his part of the herd here on the farm.With NO previous horse experience in the last 30 odd years working and traveling in Scotland (and the surrounding countries),Life did nothing for the love of horses but he is certainly catching up on lost time now!!!.He is quite becoming hooked on all aspects of Equines and is really becoming to love the species..(In ALL shapes and sizes...!)


Now the newest member of our group..
Norm Deters...

Norm is our newest Invester and Partner.He has been active in the world of farming for more years than he can remember and has many different talents from many different aspects of the "trade".Norm has retired but sometimes likes to keep active.All he has wanted for many years is to have a purpose and we hope he now has it.He loves horses and has became quite attached to our little herd.In fact..Norm has helped out so much he is now a full partner in the farm.He may not be fit enough to do too much....But he cares ..

Which means a lot more to us...

Norm has surprised many people by "going it alone" but at least he is making a go of it..Rather than milking other people like others have done to him!!!

Welcome aboard Norm...


D'Archangel Farm

..Has been a licensed business for approximately fifteen years.But it's only been since 2000 that we have been involved with the wonderful world of Draft horses...
Sue started many,many years ago while quite young with saddle horses and ponies of various breeds but when our farrier suggested (when we were living in southern Indiana) that we visit his father,(who owned,raised,and worked approximately 20 drafts),we turned in a direction that we never thought we would...Our world suddenly got larger.......MUCH larger!!
For sale at that farm,among all the Percheron's...was a single short,scrawny,but very pretty Belgian filly...who followed us around and batted her beautiful long blond eyelashes at us,everytime we would turn around there she was...We did NOT visit the farm with any thought at all of buying a draft horse...But how could we say no? Kayleigh was our very first draft.She turned our train onto a different set of tracks...And we have never looked back...!
Since that day we changed direction a little and now have invested time in the majestic CLYDESDALES .Possibly due to both of our British/Scottish backgrounds and also we are working with very interesting lines of imported "Drum horses" now coming into the states.We favor the older "traditional" style horses in both.Clydesdales heavier,rounder,and under 18 hands,and the more traditional type of the "Drum Horse"..ie.. we try to follow actual Imported bloodlines and types true to the old traditional style of the individual breeds.Following history as much as we possibly can.
This "HISTORICAL" interest is why our latest venture is with the "Purest" breed in the world.....The Icelandic..Calm,and surefooted these little 5 gaited wonders need NO advertising...Their steadfast character and bombproof nature speak for itself!!!..
Then with the Wonderful Fell's who have been the backbone of the native ponies in the UK for centuries.Sturdy and tough and very,very sweet natured these ponies are truely..Draft power in a "compact package".
Between Clydesdales,Spotted drafts and our Fell's and Icelandic's we will have quite the wonderful time we are sure...All individuals having their own special quality!!.
2007/8 has been a very bad year with horses for everyone including us....but we do now hope to make it through to a better future working in a new location with Norm,our friend and new partner.Now we have our OWN place in Southern Indiana we can start doing things like we have always wanted to .Not tied into other farms. Please check back for updates from time to time..We'll let you know how they are all doing in their new home..
Brian,Sue & Norm